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4Q87 Psalmse

Language: Hebrew

Date: 30-68 A.D.

Location: Qumran Cave 4

Contents: (In this scroll, Psalms 104, 105 and 106 are placed between Psalms 118 and 120.) Psalms 76:9-11 (Hebrew 76:10-12); 77:1; 78:6-7, 31-33; 81:1-2 (Hebrew 81:2-3); 86:10-11; 88:1-4 (Hebrew 88:1-5); 89:43-47, 49-52 (Hebrew 89:44-48, 50-53); 103:22; 109:1, 8, 13-14; 114:5; 115:15-18; 116:1-4; 118:29; 104:1-3, 20-22; 105:1-3, 23-25, 36-45; 106:1, 120:5-7; 125:1-5; 126:1-6; 129:8; 130:1-7.


Psalms 76

 9 when God arose to judgment,

to save all the afflicted ones of the earth.


10 Surely the wrath of man praises you.

The survivors of your wrath are restrained.

11 Make vows to Yahweh your God, and fulfill them!

Let all of his neighbors bring presents to him who is to be feared.


Psalms 77

For the Chief Musician. To Jeduthun. A Psalm by Asaph.


Psalms 78

6 that the generation to come might know, even the children who should be born;

who should arise and tell their children,

7 that they might set their hope in God,

and not forget God’s deeds,

but keep his commandments,


31 when the anger of God went up against them,

killed some of their fattest,

and struck down the young men of Israel.

32 For all this they still sinned,

and didn’t believe in his wondrous works.

33 Therefore he consumed their days in vanity,

and their years in terror.


Psalms 81

Sing aloud to God, our strength!

Make a joyful shout to the God of Jacob!

2 Raise a song, and bring here the tambourine,

the pleasant lyre with the harp.


Psalms 86

10 For you are great, and do wondrous things.

You are God alone.

11 Teach me your way, Yahweh.

I will walk in your truth.

Make my heart undivided to fear your name.


Psalms 88

A Song. A Psalm by the sons of Korah. For the Chief Musician. To the tune of “The Suffering of Affliction.” A contemplation by Heman, the Ezrahite.

Yahweh, the God of my salvation,

I have cried day and night before you.

Let my prayer enter into your presence.

Turn your ear to my cry.

For my soul is full of troubles.

My life draws near to Sheol.

I am counted among those who go down into the pit.

I am like a man who has no help,


Psalms 89

43 Yes, you turn back the edge of his sword,

and haven’t supported him in battle.

44 You have ended his splendor,

and thrown his throne down to the ground.

45 You have shortened the days of his youth.

You have covered him with shame.


46 How long, Yahweh?

Will you hide yourself forever?

Will your wrath burn like fire?

47 Remember how short my time is!

For what vanity have you created all the children of men!


49 Lord, where are your former loving kindnesses,

which you swore to David in your faithfulness?

50 Remember, Lord, the reproach of your servants,

how I bear in my heart the taunts of all the mighty peoples,

51 With which your enemies have mocked, Yahweh,

with which they have mocked the footsteps of your anointed one.


52 Blessed be Yahweh forever more.

Amen, and Amen.


Psalms 103

22 Praise Yahweh, all you works of his,

in all places of his dominion.

Praise Yahweh, my soul! [1]


Psalms 109

For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.

1 God of my praise, don’t remain silent,


8 Let his days be few.

Let another take his office.


13 Let his posterity be cut off.

In the generation following let their name be blotted out.

14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered by Yahweh.

Don’t let the sin of his mother be blotted out.


Psalms 114

5 What was it, you sea, that you fled?

You Jordan, that you turned back?


Psalms 115

15 Blessed are you by Yahweh,

who made heaven and earth.

16 The heavens are the heavens of Yahweh;

but the earth has he given to the children of men.

17 The dead don’t praise Yah,

neither any who go down into silence;

18 But we will bless Yah,

from this time forward and forever more.

Praise Yah!


Psalms 116

I love Yahweh, because he listens to my voice,

and my cries for mercy.

Because he has turned his ear to me,

therefore I will call on him as long as I live.

The cords of death surrounded me,

the pains of Sheol got a hold of me.

I found trouble and sorrow.

Then I called on Yahweh’s name:

“Yahweh, I beg you, deliver my soul.”


Psalms 118

29 Oh give thanks to Yahweh, for he is good,

for his loving kindness endures forever.


Psalms 104

Bless Yahweh, my soul.

Yahweh, my God, you are very great.

You are clothed with honor and majesty.

2 He covers himself with light as with a garment.

He stretches out the heavens like a curtain.

3 He lays the beams of his rooms in the waters.

He makes the clouds his chariot.

He walks on the wings of the wind.


20 You make darkness, and it is night,

in which all the animals of the forest prowl.

21 The young lions roar after their prey,

and seek their food from God.

22 The sun rises, and they steal away,

and lay down in their dens.


Psalms 105

1 Give thanks to Yahweh! Call on his name!

Make his doings known among the peoples.

2 Sing to him, sing praises to him!

Tell of all his marvelous works.

Glory in his holy name.

Let the heart of those who seek Yahweh rejoice.


23 Israel also came into Egypt.

Jacob lived in the land of Ham.

24 He increased his people greatly,

and made them stronger than their adversaries.

25 He turned their heart to hate his people,

to conspire against his servants.


36 He struck also all the firstborn in their land,

the first fruits of all their manhood.

37 He brought them out with him with silver and gold.

There was not one feeble person among his tribes.

38 Egypt was glad when they departed,

for the fear of them had fallen on them.

39 He spread a cloud for a covering,

fire to give light in the night.

40 They asked, and he brought quails,

and satisfied them with the bread of the sky.

41 He opened the rock, and waters gushed out.

They ran as a river in the dry places.

42 For he remembered his holy word,

and Abraham, his servant.

43 He brought his people out with joy,

his chosen with singing.

44 He gave them the lands of the nations.

They took the labor of the peoples in possession,

45 that they might keep his statutes,

and observe his laws.

Praise Yah!


Psalms 106

Praise Yahweh!

Give thanks to Yahweh, for he is good,

for his loving kindness endures forever.


Psalms 120

5 Woe is me, that I live in Meshech,

that I dwell among the tents of Kedar!

6 My soul has had her dwelling too long

with him who hates peace.

7 I am for peace,

but when I speak, they are for war.


Psalms 125

A Song of Ascents.

1 Those who trust in Yahweh are as Mount Zion,

which can’t be moved, but remains forever.

As the mountains surround He surrounds[2] Jerusalem,

so Yahweh surrounds his people from this time forward and forever more.

3 For the scepter of wickedness won’t remain over the allotment of the righteous;

so that the righteous won’t use their hands to do evil be in evil hands.

Do good, Yahweh, to those who are good,

to those who are upright in their hearts heart.

But as for those who turn away to their crooked ways,

Yahweh will lead them away with the workers of iniquity[3].

Peace be on Israel.


Psalms 126

A Song of Ascents.

1 When Yahweh brought back those who returned to Zion,

we were like those who dream.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter,

and our tongue with singing.

Then they said among the nations,

“Yahweh has done great things for them.”

3 Yahweh has done great things for us,

and we are glad.

Restore our fortunes again, Yahweh,

like the streams in the Negev.

Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.

6 He who goes out weeping, carrying seed for sowing,

will certainly come again with joy, carrying his sheaves.


Psalms 129

8 Neither do those who go by say,

“The blessing of Yahweh be on you.

We bless you in Yahweh’s name.”


Psalms 130

A Song of Ascents.

Out of the depths I have cried to you, Yahweh.

2 Lord, hear my voice.

Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my petitions.

3 If you, Yah, kept a record of sins,

Lord, who could stand?


6 My soul longs for the Lord more than like watchmen long for the morning;

more than watchmen for the morning.

7 Israel, hope in Yahweh,

for with Yahweh there is loving kindness.

With him is abundant redemption.




[1] After Psalms 103:22, the last verse in Psalm 103, this scroll follows immediately with Psalm 109. The Psalms we know as Psalms 104-106 are placed between Psalms 118 and 120.

[2] The meaning of 125:2 in the scroll is uncertain.

[3] Literally “my worker” in 125:5. Meaning is unclear.

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