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Genesis - 22 Scrolls

Exodus - 17 Scrolls

Leviticus - 16 Scrolls

Numbers - 11 Scrolls

Deuteronomy - 33 Scrolls

Joshua - 2 Scrolls

Judges - 3 Scrolls

Ruth - 4 Scrolls

Samuel - 4 Scrolls

Kings - 3 Scrolls

Chronicles - 1 Scroll

Ezra - 1 Scroll

Job - 4 Scrolls

Psalms - 41 Scrolls

Proverbs - 2 Scrolls

Ecclesiastes - 2 Scrolls

Song of Solomon - 4 Scrolls

Isaiah - 21 Scrolls

Jeremiah - 6 Scrolls

Lamentations - 4 Scrolls

Ezekiel - 7 Scrolls

Daniel - 8 Scrolls

Minor Prophets - 10 Scrolls

The Translation Process

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Current Status as of January 16, 2016:

This web site contains translations of 223 of the 223 Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls. These translations are available on the Scroll View portion of the web site. The last and most recent scroll translated was 4Q51 Samuela. The Chapter View portion of the web site contains a chapter by chapter translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls for all Biblical books.


The effort to translate all the scrolls was completed on December 6, 2015, and the Chapter View section of the web site was completed on January 16, 2016. Some work needs to be done to make the terminology in the footnotes consistent, and corrections will continue to be made for any errors discovered.


The table below provides a detailed list of the scrolls which have been translated.


Translation Completed

Not Yet Translated

1Q1 Genesis


1Q2 Exodus


1Q3 PaleoLeviticus-Numbers


1Q4 Deuteronomya


1Q5 Deuteronomyb


1Q6 Judges


1Q7 Samuel


1Q Isaiaha


1Q Isaiahb


1Q9 Ezekiel


1Q10 Psalmsa


1Q11 Psalmsb


1Q12 Psalms


1Q71 Daniela


1Q72 Danielb


2Q1 Genesis


2Q2 Exodusa


2Q3 Exodusb


2Q4 Exodusc


2Q5 PaleoLeviticus


2Q6 Numbersa


2Q7 Numbersb


2Q8 Numbersc


2Q9 Numbersd


2Q10 Deuteronomya


2Q11 Deuteronomyb


2Q12 Deuteronomyc


2Q13 Jeremiah


2Q14 Psalms


2Q15 Job


2Q16 Rutha


2Q17 Ruthb


3Q1 Ezekiel


3Q2 Psalms


3Q3 Lamentations


4Q1 Genesis-Exodusa


4Q2 Genesisb


4Q3 Genesisc


4Q4 Genesisd


4Q5 Genesise


4Q6 Genesisf


4Q7 Genesisg


4Q8 Genesish1


4Q8a Genesish2


4Q8b Genesish-para


4Q9 Genesisj


4Q10 Genesisk


4Q11 PaleoGenesis-Exodusl


4Q12 PaleoGenesism


4Q13 Exodusb


4Q14 Exodusc


4Q15 Exodusd


4Q16 Exoduse


4Q17 Exodus-Leviticusf


4Q18 Exodusg


4Q19 Exodush


4Q20 Exodusj


4Q21 Exodusk


4Q22 PaleoExodusm


4Q23 Leviticus-Numbersa


4Q24 Leviticusb


4Q25 Leviticusc


4Q26 Leviticusd


4Q26a Leviticuse


4Q26b Leviticusg


4Q27 Numbersb


4Q28 Deuteronomya


4Q29 Deuteronomyb


4Q30 Deuteronomyc


4Q31 Deuteronomyd


4Q32 Deuteronomye


4Q33 Deuteronomyf


4Q34 Deuteronomyg


4Q35 Deuteronomyh


4Q36 Deuteronomyi


4Q37 Deuteronomyj


4Q38 Deuteronomyk1


4Q38a Deuteronomyk2


4Q38b Deuteronomyk3


4Q39 Deuteronomyl


4Q40 Deuteronomym


4Q41 Deuteronomyn


4Q42 Deuteronomyo


4Q43 Deuteronomyp


4Q44 Deuteronomyq


4Q45 PaleoDeuteronomyr


4Q46 PaleoDeuteronomys


4Q47 Joshuaa


4Q48 Joshuab


4Q49 Judgesa


4Q50 Judgesb


4Q51 Samuela


4Q52 Samuelb


4Q53 Samuelc


4Q54 Kings


4Q55 Isaiaha


4Q56 Isaiahb


4Q57 Isaiahc


4Q58 Isaiahd


4Q59 Isaiahe


4Q60 Isaiahf


4Q61 Isaiahg


4Q62 Isaiahh


4Q62a Isaiahi


4Q63 Isaiahj


4Q64 Isaiahk


4Q65 Isaiahl


4Q66 Isaiahm


4Q67 Isaiahn


4Q68 Isaiaho


4Q69 Isaiahp


4Q69a Isaiahq


4Q69b Isaiahr


4Q70 Jeremiaha


4Q71 Jeremiahb


4Q72 Jeremiahc


4Q72a Jeremiahd


4Q72b Jeremiahe


4Q73 Ezekiela


4Q74 Ezekielb


4Q75 Ezekielc


4Q76 Minor Prophetsa


4Q77 Minor Prophetsb


4Q78 Minor Prophetsc


4Q79 Minor Prophetsd


4Q80 Minor Prophetse


4Q81 Minor Prophetsf


4Q82 Minor Prophetsg


4Q83 Psalmsa


4Q84 Psalmsb


4Q85 Psalmsc


4Q86 Psalmsd


4Q87 Psalmse


4Q88 Psalmsf


4Q89 Psalmsg


4Q90 Psalmsh


4Q91 Psalmsj


4Q92 Psalmsk


4Q93 Psalmsl


4Q94 Psalmsm


4Q95 Psalmsn


4Q96 Psalmso


4Q97 Psalmsp


4Q98 Psalms


4Q98a Psalms


4Q98b Psalms


4Q98c Psalms


4Q98d Psalms


4Q98e Psalms


4Q98f Psalms


4Q98g Psalms


4Q99 Joba


4Q100 Jobb


4Q101 PaleoJobc


4Q102 Proverbsa


4Q103 Proverbsb


4Q104 Rutha


4Q105 Ruthb


4Q106 Song of Songsa


4Q107 Song of Songsb


4Q108 Song of Songsc


4Q109 Qoheleta


4Q110 Qoheletb


4Q111 Lamentations


4Q112 Daniela


4Q113 Danielb


4Q114 Danielc


4Q115 Danield


4Q116 Daniele


4Q117 Ezra


4Q118 Chronicles


4Q119 LXXLeviticusa


4Q120 LXXLeviticusb


4Q121 LXXNumbers


4Q122 LXXDeuteronomy


4Q483 Genesis


4Q522 Psalms


4Q576 Genesis


5Q1 Deuteronomy


5Q2 Kings


5Q3 Isaiah


5Q4 Amos


5Q5 Psalms


5Q6 Lamentationsa


5Q7 Lamentationsb


6Q1 PaleoGenesis


6Q2 Leviticus


6Q3 Deuteronomy


6Q4 Kings


6Q5 Psalms


6Q6 Song of Songs


6Q7 Daniel


7Q LXXExodus


8Q1 Genesis


8Q2 Psalms


11Q1 PaleoLeviticusa


11Q2 Leviticusb


11Q3 Deuteronomy


11Q4 Ezekiel


11Q6 Psalmsb


11Q7 Psalmsc


11Q8 Psalmsd


11Q9 Psalmse


11Q11 Psalms


Masada Genesis


Masada Deuteronomy


Masada Leviticusa


Masada Leviticusb


Masada Psalmsa


Masada Psalmsb


Masada Ezekiel


Nahal Hever Numbersa


Nahal Hever Numbersb


Nahal Hever Deuteronomy


Nahal Hever Minor Prophets


Nahal Hever Psalms


Wadi Muraba’at Genesis


Wadi Muraba’at Exodus


Wadi Muraba’at Numbers


Wadi Muraba’at Deuteronomy


Wadi Murabaat Minor Prophets


Wadi Sdeir Genesis