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Jeremiah 30 from Scroll 4Q72 Jeremiahc

Ask now, and see whether a man travails with child.

Why do I see every man with his hands on his waist, as a woman in travail,

and all faces are turned pale?

Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it.

It is even the time of Jacob’s trouble;

but he will be saved out of it.

It will come to pass in that day, says Yahweh of Armies, that I will break his yoke from off your neck,

and will burst your bonds.

Strangers will no more make them their bondservants;

but they will serve Yahweh their God,

and David their king,

whom I will raise up to them.


17 For I will restore health to you,

and I will heal you of your wounds,” says Yahweh;

“because they have called you an outcast,

saying, ‘It is Zion, whom no man seeks after.’ ”

18 Yahweh says:

“Behold, I will reverse the captivity of Jacob’s tents,

and have compassion on his dwelling places.

The city will be built on its own hill,

and the palace will be inhabited in its own place.

19 Thanksgiving will proceed out of them

with the voice of those who make merry.

I will multiply them,

and they will not be few;

I will also glorify them,

and they will not be small.

20 Their children also will be as before,

and their congregation will be established before me.

I will punish all who oppress them.

21 Their prince will be one of them,

and their ruler will proceed from among them.

I will cause him to draw near,

and he will approach me;

for who is he who has had boldness to approach me?” says Yahweh.

22 “You shall be my people,

and I will be your God.

23 Behold, Yahweh’s storm, his wrath, has gone out,

a sweeping storm:

it will burst on the head of the wicked.

24 The fierce anger of Yahweh will not return until he has accomplished,

and until he has performed the intentions of his heart.

In the latter days you will understand it.”


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